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26 May
Lima viernes 4:00 PM

Seminario de Economía: What Makes Geeks Tick? A Study of Stack Overflow Careers – Luís Cabral (New York University)

Hasta las 5:15 pm.

  • Luís Cabral (New York University)

Abstract: Many online platforms rely on users to voluntarily provide content. What motivates users to contribute content for free however is not well understood. In this paper, we use a revealed preference approach to show that career concerns play an important role in user contributions to Stack Overflow, the largest online Q&A community. We investigate how activities that can enhance a user’s reputation vary before and after the user finds a new job. We contrast this with activities that do not improve a user’s reputation. After finding a new job, users contribute 23.7% less in reputation-generating activity. By contrast, they reduce their non-reputation-generating activity by only 7.4% after finding a new job. These findings suggest that users contribute to Stack Overflow in part because they perceive this as a way to improve future employment prospects. We provide direct evidence against alternative explanations such as integer constraints, skills mismatch, and dynamic selection effects.

Paper: What Makes Geeks Tick? A Study of Stack Overflow Careers

26 mayo, 2017
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
Aula H12
Calle Mártir Olaya 162, Miraflores
Lima, Perú
Departamento de Economía – Lima