C1 Advanced (CAE) qualification is the in-depth, high-level qualification that shows you have the language skills that employers and universities are looking for.


  • The objective of this prep course is to improve your current language ability as well as to develop your general English language skills at an ADVANCED level needed to pass the CAE exam.


  • Participants will have the opportunity to work on exam techniques and test taking strategies, including full exam practice. During the lessons, besides the practice to develop the four main English skills, advanced grammar usage will be covered and participants will also have the chance to expand their knowledge of vocabulary and the use of idioms.

Course Timetable and dates

  • Timetable:
    Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm (16 Saturday Sessions & 2 Thursday Sessions)
  • Term:
    Classes start on August 04th and finish on November 17th
    To sit exam on December 5th
  • Exam registration:
    By September 28th


04 Ago
Universidad de Piura – Campus Lima (Calle Mártir José Olaya 162, Miraflores)

August 04th - Saturdays