Deadlines, requirements and procedures

Deadlines for receipt of records

Semester 2016-II

  • Starts: first week of August.
  • Ends: second week of December.

Semester 2017-I

  • Starts: first week of March.
  • Ends: last week of July.


  • Academic record
  • Student motivation letter in Spanish (30 lines)
  • Proposed curriculum
  • Photocopy of passport
  • 2 ID size photos
  • Spanish Language Certificate (In the case that Spanish is not your native language)
  • Copy of health insurance policy

Application form

  • The application form must be mailed by the home institution’s Office of International Exchange.
  • The list of courses and their contents are provided on request.

Health insurance

Students must come with their own comprehensive health insurance which covers any medical costs in case of illness and / or accident.

Visa arrangements

International students who come by exchange agreement can access the exchange visa or official visa, which does not incur costs and is processed by UDEP. If so, they must not apply for a student or work visa or perform any other procedure.

Getting an exchange or official visa is essential to ensure their stay.  Thus, applicants must send all the information required 35 working days prior to their arrival in Peru.

The information required for this is:

  • Surnames and names (as in passport)
  • Nationality
  • Country and city where the student will embark
  • The consulate where the visa is going to be authorized
  • Passport Number (valid and with a minimum of 6 blank sheets)
  • Period of stay with the date of arrival and return
  • A copy of the ticket or electronic travel ticket issued, which can be sent in PDF format
  • Home address where the students will stay in our country

The student will approach the respective consulate with his/her passport 3 or 4 days before their trip and will apply, at no charge, for an “official exchange visa”, which has been authorized in Lima.

It is worth bearing in mind that only the consular sections located at the embassies or consulates general authorize official visas.  Honorary consulates cannot issue such visas.

To learn about the cities where the Peruvian consulates are located, we recommend visiting and going to the “Peruvian communities and consular services” section.


Official Visa procedures


Directora de Programas Internacionales – Incoming


Teléfono: +51 1 2139600 (a) 2040

Director de Comunicaciones

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