Mobility Grants

Pacific Alliance Mobility Platform

Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru

This program offers academic exchanges at the undergraduate and doctoral levels, or “academic visits” for university professors invited to lecture at the host university and researchers involved in research projects at a university in the countries of the Pacific Alliance.

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Santander Iberian-American Grants for Degree Course Students – Universities

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico

They promote student exchanges from Peruvian universities and major universities in Spain and Latin America. Thus, they contribute to the development and consolidation of Iberian American Knowledge. They are aimed at students enrolled in participating Peruvian universities.

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ELAP Scholarships


The scholarship program “Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program” (ELAP) provides students and researchers from Latin America and the Caribbean with the opportunity to make short-term exchanges for studies or research at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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Mobility grants program between Andalusian and Iberian American universities


This initiative is part of the programmatic performance for promoting postgraduate and doctoral studies. The program is sponsored by the Andalusian Council of Universities and provides grants promoting and encouraging international exchanges between Andalusian and Iberian American universities associated to AUIP.

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ISAP-DAAD Scholarships


The International Study and Training Partnerships Program (ISAP) offers three partial scholarships of 400 Euros per month for 5 months to fund the living expenses of Business students who make their exchange period at the Hochschule Furtwangen University in Germany.


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