An Italian student highlights the enlightening experience as an exchange student at UDEP

Federica Marinelli, from Sapienza University of Rome, studied four months at the School of Law. Dr. Ana Maria Becerra said her stay was positive for all students.

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The four month stay in the Faculty of Law allowed Federica Marinelli to learn Spanish which she speaks almost perfectly now. In her quest to take advantage of the agreement between her university and UDEP, she has been able to leaern a basic approach to Peruvian law.

She is in her third cycle in the Facoltà di Giurisprudenza at the Universita di Roma Sapienza, and she has not yet decided whether to pursue a specialization in International Law or Commercial Law since both of them are her areas of interest. However, after studying more advanced courses at UDEP, she became interested in Labor Law.

She points out that through her studies she has been able to understand how the tutelage of workers is structured in Peru, which has some similar characteristics to the Italian legislation. “For example, Peru and Italy are among the few countries that have a holiday season of 30 days,” she said.

Federica also participated as a guest speaker in the Constitutional Law Workshop “Antonio Carlos Pereira Menaut”. The topic she presented was “An approach to the Italian Constitutional Law in a comparative analysis of the Peruvian Constitutional Law”.

“My fellow students explained to me how the Peruvian constitution is structured. They asked me about its organization in Italy, the agreement with the European Union, how the courts and parliament work and how the country is structured politically. It has been an enlightening experience, “she says.

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Federica, from student of the Universita di Roma, said that she loved the idea of ​​coming to Peru as she learned about the country. The people whom she asked in Rome gave her good references that helped her make the decision about UDEP.

Between August and December, when she was at UDEP, she was stunned by nature. “I really liked to enter the campus full of nature. Everything is very nice”, she says. She also highlights the familiarity and friendliness of students and teachers to make her feel at home.

Anita Becerra

Dr. Ana Maria Becerra, Federica’s advisor at UDEP said from Spain: “Federica’s exchange leaves a positive contribution. Students have accepted her very well, so she has been easily integrated to university life. This has helped her make the most of the subjects, as what was not understood in class then could be clarified by exchanging ideas with her peers. This has also allowed other students to enrich their knowledge. ”

As far as the student exchange agreements are concerned, she explained that they are important because they help the exchange student to know about the reality of the profession they are currently studying in a different country.

“And it’s not just enrichment at the academic level, but also at the personal level. This kind of experience involves the student in a different culture and allows them to develop new skills or strengthen the ones they already have. Eventually, it helps the student to acquire new knowledge”, she said.


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