Lisa Schandelmeyer

“I am in Piura because it is one of the best known and best universities in Peru”

The German student, along with other five university students from Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Colombia who began classes this term at UDEP, were welcomed by the director of studies Mrs. Irene Alvarado.

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The six foreign students who began their studies this semester 2016-I participated in a welcome event  in which they received information on the University of Piura and learnt about what Peru has to offer as a tourist destination in the different regions. They will follow courses in the academic programs of Accounting, Mechanical Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering.

The Director of Studies, Mrs. Irene Alvarado, thanked them for accepting the challenge of coming to the University of Piura. “We hope you learn not only about how academically demanding our university is, but also about the culture. We are sure that your fellow students will support you but also bear in mind that you can count on professors to guide you regarding your studies or any queries you may have”, she said.

Students were briefed on the mission of UDEP, which is an institution that provides a solid professional training, accompanied by human development, based on the search for truth, enlightened by Christian faith.

They are UDEP

Adma Riane De Lima Moraes, from the Catholic University of Campinas (Brazil), joined Accounting. She said she that was keen to make the exchange to expand her knowledge but also to learn more about the culture of another country. “I have great expectations and I hope they are met,” she said.

Alberto Martínez García is a student of the Faculty of Mechanical Electrical Engineering this semester. He studied at Miguel Hernandez University of Elche (Spain). “I decided to come because a friend of mine was in Piura 3 years ago. She told me how good it was and a teacher did too. I hope that this experience will give me a different view from the studies I have had so far and help me to know more about the Peruvian culture. “he said.

Lisa Schandelmeyer, a student from Hochschule Furtwangen University (Germany) left her country this term and is currently studying Business Administration. “I’m in Piura because it is one of the best known and best universities in Peru, a country I am interested in learning about.  There are some exchange students from UDEP in Germany. They told us about this center. I hope it’s a great experience to learn from”, she said.


In the event, Professor David Resano, who holds a PhD from the University of Navarra, was also welcomed. He joined the program of Architecture and will stay in Piura for the following three terms teaching the subjects of Drawing and Construction which are his specialty.

“I don´t know much about UDEP, but a fellow Professor spoke highly of this university. I also wanted to resume teaching and thought it was a good place to do it”, he says. In Spain he worked as an architect. What has caught his attention so far is the welcoming weather.



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