The University of Piura

The University of Piura provides quality education, promotes scientific research and trains professionals capable of transforming society.

Over the years, we have established a strong reputation for our academic rigor,  serious-mindedness and institutional quality.

We project ourselves to be a benchmark in excellence within Peru’s higher education. We accomplish this by training people who distinguish themselves by their character and elite professional competence, resulting in ethical performance at work and righteous personal behavior.

Our goal is to help our members attain personal and professional fulfillment to meet the demands of society through professional work and academic rigor.

We guide the  individual and social behavior of our members highlighting the value of human life, the family, the search for truth in all fields of knowledge and humanitarianism for the benefit of our community.


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Development of values

The University of Piura seeks to help its members with their personal development in an effort to better serve society.


It promotes and disseminates scientific research in all fields of knowledge.


The search for truth leads to investigating problems facing mankind and works to find solutions to them.


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