23 Jul 2015

Universities in Europe, America and Asia will host 38 students UDEP

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  • Universities in Europe, America and Asia will host 38 students UDEP
Alemania Hochschule Furtwangen University OK

Foto: Hochschule Furtwangen University (Alemania)

A group of 38 students from various faculties of the University of Piura will begin classes abroad from the next week. Of the total, 25 will travel by UDEP agreements with universities in these continents and 13 by scholarships.
During a semester, Peruvians will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in these centers and learn about the customs and traditions of the people they will interact with, both citizens and exchange students from around the world.

Through international agreements, some students will study in Spain at different universities such as the University of Navarra, University of Oviedo, Universitat Abat Oliva, Carlos III University, among others.

From  Lima campus will travel to Spain: Katherine Elizabeth Aquije Arrué (Management Services), Diego Cabrera Campos, Gonzalo Adolfo Silva Ramirez and Jimena Cordova Amaya (Economics), Mauricio Cueto Iturriaga (Business Administration), Nohelia Josefina Diaz Caceres, Luis Enrique Zarate Aima, Karla Patricia Stephanie Burgos Arrascue and Mariela Muñoz Martinez (Industrial and Systems Engineering), and Sebastian Miguel Linares Luna (Law).

From Piura campus will also go to Spain: Cristina Angulo Del Alamo, Gabriela Velasquez Carolina Valdes and Maria Jose Santin López – Torres (Education); Kathleen Stefany Cordova and Marllury Risco Fernández Silva (Economics); Adriana Timarchi Seminar (Business Administration), and King Manuel Vidaurre Bancayan (Business Administration).

Karen Ximena Almonte Fuentes of Industrial and Systems Engineering will go to the Politecnico University of Milan (Italy), while Emi Joanna Kanashiro Kuwai, Lucia Echecopar Vasquez (Management Services) and Natalie Pilco Bustamante will go to Hochschule Furtwangen University (Germany). These students  study in Lima campus.

As for Latin America universities, Service Management students from the Lima campus, Rominna Pinatte Bustios and  Daniela Cortes Jolly, will spend a semester at the Austral University in Argentina. Industrial and Systems Engineering students, Carlos Fernando Maza Antezana and Mayra Alessandra Zola Gonzales from the Piura campus, will travel to the University of the Sabana (Colombia) and University Los Andes (Chile), respectively.

The students who received scholarships from September to December will go to the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, for the Scholarship Program ELAP: Karlo Javier Celis Solano (Industrial and Systems Engineering), Yuki Fabioly Chumacero Hidalgo (Administration Business) and Renzo Josemaria Diaz Inga (Accounting). Through Grant Pacific Alliance, David Pacherre Gustavo Rojas (Cultural Management) and Maria Alejandra Sanchez Santin (Industrial and Systems Engineering) studied at the Universidad Diego Portales and the Pontifical Catholic University in Chile.

A group of 8 students must begin their studies in August for ten months in China in the Capital Normal University. They are: Claudia Cerna Celmi, Frank Zevallos Asiu, Raul Amen Li, Henry Yovera Plaza, Mary of Lourdes Mondragon Alzamora, Azucena Avila Rosa, Daniela SUMEI Kcomt Cabrejo and John Werner Pacherres Gonzales.

Additionally, 14 foreign students are involved in the Incoming Exchange Program. They will attend classes at the University of Piura starting on Monday, August 10th.

If a student at the University of Piura (UDEP) wants to have access to this program, which offers more than 30 universities they can participate in, they can inquire at the International Programs of the respective campus for more information.

politecnico 1

Foto: Universidad Politecnico de Milano (Italia)