Program Overview

Lima School of Economics – LimaSE – is an initiative of the Department of Economics at Universidad de Piura, UDEP.

LimaSE promotes high quality research in the field of microeconomics, with a special focus on applications to the Peruvian context that can potentially inform local and international policy design and implementation. LimaSE also promotes advanced learning through graduate and undergraduate international programs.


Prospective students

The LimaSE International Exchange Program at Universidad de Piura offers prospective students from all around the globe the opportunity to explore topics in international development, environmental policy and finance in one of the most dynamic economies in South America. The program faculty is composed by researchers and practitioners in close contact with the critical challenges related to economic development in the developing world, and who have also been instructors at world class academic institutions such as NYU, Oxford, UBC and Virginia Tech.


How to apply


13 Ago
Universidad de Piura – Campus Lima (Calle Mártir José Olaya 162, Miraflores)
Dr. Marcos Agurto
SE Director