The Spanish Language and Culture in Peru

The program is addressed to international student interested to learn or improve their Spanish language and to understand more about the local culture and the economy in an emerging market. The program can be developed in Piura or Lima, and is open at Basic, Intermediate or Advance level.

Program overview

  • This Spanish program intends to develop the four main language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), through a variety of activities with the students.
  • The program includes seminars about the Peruvian culture and local development dictated in English, such as: Peruvian history, Politics and Society in Peru, Peruvian gastronomy, Entrepreneurship in Peru, Development and environment and Corporate Social Responsibility in Peru.
  • Participants are encouraged to participate in the workshops organized and learn more about the local culture. A workshop of Peruvian dance, traditional handicraft and box drum are included in the program.

Prospective students

The program is designed to international students enrolled at any university abroad interested in acquiring or improving the Spanish language. A placement test will be taken prior the course.

Application requirements

Application form, copy of the passport bio page, passport size photo, international medical travel insurance.


Download Application form


Additionally, the “Spanish and Culture in Peru”, can be open upon request of a local university at any time during the academic year, customizing the seminars included. A minimum of 10 students is required to open each level.


08 Ene 2018


26 Ene 2018

64 hours (3 weeks program)

Registration fee: 100 USD
Academic fee: 800 USD
Direction of International Relations
T. (51-1) 213 9600 Ext. 2223
Additional info

Course load
4 local credits. Students can obtain an official transcript.

Services included
Course, seminars, workshops, academic materials, official transcript and excursions indicated.
In addition to the academic activities developed, participants in the UDEP Summer Program will take part of two excursions outside Lima city or Piura city.